May 31st

Memorial Day Private Party

Wellington, AL

A Rubber City native living in Nashville; Ari is a fresh face in Rock Music.

(Organically known as Ariana Oldaker)

Ari grew up in Akron Ohio, often listening to the Cleveland Classic Rock Station with her father- to which she grew a fasicnation for the genre that spiraled into her fate as a musician. She began writing poetry at thirteen and turned her truth into songs, later picking up a guitar at 18.

Her influences range from STevie Nicks to The Foo Fighters and can often be compared to earthy, 1970s soft rock. 

Now at twenty-two, Ari has been making her place in the Rock Scene of Nashville for the last year; playing what is given to her and making strides to change the stigma around female artists.

She is currently working on her first EP and plans a small tour later in 2021.





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